Páramo de Oceta


This particular Páramo is considered by the experts of  Páramosto be the most beautiful and stunning  Páramo on earth. It keeps a stoned old city, several Freilejon (plants that live at high altitude in the Pàramo ecosystems) gardens and colourful flowers. Although this Páramo has a breathtaking landscape, it is still very unknown by tourists.

Frialejones. Paramo Ocetá.
Enjoying the view after a long hike

We highly recommend to go to Páramo Oceta with a guide, because there is no trail and you could easily get lost unless you are a professional trekker. There are about 5 different ways to go through the Páramo. So once you will be in our Finca please let us know if you would like to go and we can contact one for you. The trek through the Páramo can take from 5 up to 8 hours.

You will need to bring proper cloths for all kind of weather as it can change a lot, proper shoes for trekking, sun cream, a hat, lots of water and enough food  for you and to share with others and the guide, in the midle of the trek, before coming back.  

Towords Páramo
Towords Páramo