Private Rooms:

We have different types of private rooms to choose from. From smaller cozy rooms to spacious rooms with extra beds. Our private rooms are decorated in a beautiful colonial style and if you would like a touch a modernity you can even request a television.

Private roomPrivate roomPrivate room

All rates for private rooms include, as courtesy, a tasty complete and healthy breakfast! If you have special requirements please let us know and we will accommodate your request.
Room description For one person* For two persons*
A very Small sized room with a semi-double bed and a cozy en suite bathroom $90.000 $110.000
Standar Medium sized room with a double bed, a single bed, a comfortable medium size en suite bathroom and a beautiful view to the garden, for one up to three persons $100.000 $120.000
Big room with four single beds, and a spacious en suite bathroom for one uo to four persons $100.000 $120.000
Three comfortable big rooms: one with two single beds, another with two double beds, and the third with a double and a bunk bed. All three rooms have a comfortable spacious en suite bathroom, for one to up to four persons $100.000 $120.000
The suite: a very comfortable and spacious room, furnished with the historic vintage farm furniture, with a double bed, a semi-private living room and a comfortable and spaciousen suite bathroom $120.000 $140.000
 For three or more persons in some of the rooms: $35.000 per additional person.

  *Please note that during Colombian bank holidays (long weekends, local festivals, Easter, Christmas and New year), which is high season for us, the rates go up to 100% for private rooms. However, as a hostel you can make the most of our special rates for world travelers. Simply make a booking for over 3 nights well in advance, and do not forget to show your passport once you arrive. You will either pay low season rates or rates with a small increase only. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or require more information.



The rate for dormitory include, as courtesy, a simple American breakfast!
Room description Per person
We have two dormitories:

Dormitory mostly for travelers which is a nice mix: With two semi double beds for guests who want to have their own semi privacy within the dormitory, two bunk beds and one single bed. We can accommodate 7 to 9 guests (if there are two couples). The dorm is pleasant, comfortable and has a nice view to the garden. The dormitory has its own en suite private hot and comfortable shower. There are separate restrooms outside for men and women.

Dormitory mostly for Yoga students which is also a very nive mix. This dormitory is next to the Yoga hall, It has a small semi private double room inside the dorm, three bunk beds, one double bed and two single beds in a kind of a second floor inside the dorm. Next to the dorm there is also a private kitchen for Yoga students. Outside there are two showers and four bathrooms for the use of the persons staying in this dormitory and to be share with guests and students who will stay in the camping side.


*Please note that during Colombian bank holidays (long weekends, local festivals, Easter, Christmas and New year), our dormitory becomes a family or group room for over five guests. However, if you still require a dormitory, we can assist you by either offering a different room with the same rate or we can recommend other friendly hostels. To keep the same rate you should make a booking for over 3 nights well in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or require more information.

Hammocks, Camping & Caravans

HammocksCampingCaravan        All the rates for hammocks, camping & caravans include a hot drink and some toast or bread). For a more complete breakfast we charge an extra $8.000.

Hammock & Camping description Own equipment Rent equipment
For guests that would like to sleep in tents or hammocks we offer camping and hammock facilities. As the weather can be a bit cold at night, you can also camp inside a spacious room we have made available for this instead of staying out in the garden. Hot showers, restrooms and cooking facilities are available. $25.000 N/A