Enjoy and Relax


For many people who discover us, Agama is the fulfillment of a long-waited dream, a revelation and a pleasant surprise. Here you will experience Yoga in its most traditional and awakening form. We teach a holistic system of the most esoteric and potent form of Yoga from India and Tibet. The courses we offer can be anywhere from one day to several months. The teachings are guided by certified Agama teachers from all over the world set in this beautiful farm/hostel in the heart of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi. First day of yoga is free to our guests. For more information, please go to the web site of Agama yoga Colombia.

Yoga poster
a guest having a sauna


On a cold day or after a couple of hours of hiking in the mountains you can relax in one of our portable saunas. To give a special touch to your experience you can also enjoy music-therapy, herbal-therapy, aroma-therapy and color-therapy, making the most of the sauna beneficial effects. Each session lasts approximately 10 minutes and you can have up to three sessions each. We recommend doing the sauna as an important process of purification we all need. You will feel better, lighter and much more relaxed afterwards. Please ask for rates and availability during your stay.


Not in the mood to go anywhere? No worries, our Finca is the perfect place to lay back, relax and do nothing. Just lay down in one of our big, comfortable hammocks enjoy reading a book, listening to music or simply have a well-deserved siesta, when you are done you will feel reborn. The hammocks are especially good after a day of hiking to refill your energy. The only danger is that you will not want to leave after. Our hammocks are available to guests free of charge.



A good massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and promotes a sense of well-being. It also relaxes you and helps to sleep better. There are other obvious benefits such as getting rid of that annoying pain that has been troubling you. Enjoy the massages we offer with our specially trained masseuses. This is a perfect combination with our saunas. Please ask for rates and availability during your stay.


This traditional Colombian sport is played by throwing a metal plate or disc, named tejo, with gun powder at a target to make it strike the “mechas” (folded paper packets). Whoever makes the most “mechas” explode, wins! In our Finca you have the opportunity to throw the tejo yourself and try to hit the target. We have our own Tejo field available free for guests to play. However, if you want to play in a traditional environment you can find an authentic place to play, you just have to walk about 10 minutes from the farm to a place where they will charge you only for your drinks.

Playing tejo


In our beautiful garden we have a big barbeque you can use anytime. Here you can have a drink, enjoy the sunset and have a nice meal outside. We recommend to go fishing early in the morning and with what you catch, enjoy a nice bbq at night with your friends. Or, for the “market” fisherman and hunters you can simply buy what you want and enjoy the barbeque. Our bbq is available to guests free of charge.


At our Finca we have a special room full of games, books and hammocks. There are several board games and ball games that you can play. Enjoy playing volleyball in our big garden with your family or friends! We will only ask you to please look after the games we provide, and to try and leave them as you found them so other guests can enjoy them too.

Playing a ball game in the garden