Lago de Tota & Playa Blanca

About Lago de Tota

Lago de Tota (Tota Lake) is the highest and largest lake in Colombia. It has an area of 55 km2 and a maximum depth of 60 meters. The lake was one of the most important and secret places for the Muisca culture and stands out due to the astonishing landscape and the trout fishing. Lago de Tota is where you can also find a beautiful white sandy beach called “Playa Blanca”. Playa Blanca can be easily mistaken for a seaside beach and it is an ideal place to start a boat trip or to practice several water or extreme sports such as kayaking, sailing, abseiling, horse riding and kiting. An amazing experience!

A view of Playa Blanca
Otra vista espectacular

How to get there?

To the lake: just outside Finca San Pedro across the road (going up) you can catch the bus to Aquitania (which passes by every 20 minutes). You can stop just before you arrive to Aquitania and visit one of the hotels to enjoy the view of the lake. We suggest visiting “Camino Real” Hotel and “Rocas Lindas” Hotel.

To go to Playa Blanca there are two options:you can take the bus across the road in front of Finca San Pedro to the main square of Aquitania, and from there walk about 3 blocks to the market square where you can catch another bus that goes to Playa Blanca (leaves every hour).
Or, another option, better if you would like a more scenic route is to take the bus at “Puente de pesca” just before the center of Sogamoso in Kra 11 con Calle 8. Once you are in Puente de pesca ask which bus you can take to Playa Blanca. This bus going to Iza and Cuitiva leaves every hour.

Another amaizing view

How long does it take?

It should take no more than 30 minutes to simply enjoy the lake scenic views, but bear in mind that the bus ride to Playa Blanca can take up to 1h to 1,30h depending on which way you take and how lucky you are at catching buses.

How much does the bus cost?

Approximately $ 4.000 per person to go to Lago de Tota.
To Playa Blanca it should cost around $ 6.000 per person.

Enjoying view