About Mongui

Monguí, 97 kilometers from the department of Tunja, is considered the most beautiful town of Boyacá. A white town with paved narrow streets surrounding an ancient main square where the Basilica, the enigmatic monastery represents true masterpiece of the monumental 17th century architecture. The convent is currently a museum made in ashlar stone. Leaving the main square you can also find the Calicanto Bridge, a unique small bridge full of stories making it a place worth visiting.

The town is also well known for the handmade balls which can be found in many shops, a special Monguícense souvenir to take home. Monguí is especially recommended as it is far off the tourist trails and can be the beginning of a breathtaking hike. If you have time to spare carry on to Topanga, a village that also owns a different kind of church charming and solemn.

How to get there?

Once at the center of Sogamoso there are two options: you can go to kra 14 with calle 16, and wait at the corner for the bus to Monguí, which usually stops for 10 minutes waiting for passengers,or you can also go to Iwoka Shopping center located on Kra 11 with calle 23 – 24. There you have can catch the bus that goes to Monguí.

How long does it take?

Approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Approximately $ 4.000 per person.