About Nobsa
Nobsa is the handcraft center of Boyacá, where you can find many traditional shops selling the finest crafts from wool, wood and leather. The people from this town are keen to share the ancient secrets of the loom through the making of the famous “ruana” and to show how to dehydrate fruits. Stroll down the streets, visit the pretty church, immerse yourself on the handcraft environment and bring back home a beautiful traditional “ruana”.

The church of Nobsa

How to get there?

 You can catch the bus on the same place as you catch the buses to Monguí and Duitama. Simply jump on a bus to Nobsa. It is very easy.

How long dose it take?

Approximately 15 minutes.

How much dose the bu cost?

Approximately $ 3.000 per person.

One of many handcraft stored in Nobsa